MBC 2020

October 20th and 21st

Get ready for the MBC2020!

We are just few days away from our annual event!

This year we will run the MBC 100% in a virtual format. We will stream the event at the MBC Youtube Channel. Subscribe today!

Here you have access to the agenda of the event and the calendar invites for each session. If you want to download a single calendar invite for all the event click here: day 1 invite | day 2 invite.


Day 1 - Oct 20th

1PM - 7PM (BRT - Brasilia Time)

Get ready for the event with the team updates and important announcement to the community!

SPEAKER: MBC Organization Team

CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Profession) updates on existing certifications and certification requirements, and new certification exams.

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SPEAKER: Gustavo Mastroianni (Apex)

The objective of the panel is to discuss about the new unlicensed spectrum that regulatory agencies around the world are allocating (6GHz) together with the local regulatory agency (ANATEL) and the Ministry of Communications.

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Agostinho Linhares (ANATEL)

Daniel Cavalcanti (Ministério das Comunicações)

and MBC Organization Team 

Break to get a coffee, answer urgent emails and get back to our event! Remember that we just get together once per year!

Recently, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced new security programs to advance wireless security: Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™and Wi-Fi Certified Enhanced Open™. This session will explore the details around these programs, including the history of wireless security, its ties to other standards bodies, the problems they solve, and guidance on how and when to adopt them in an enterprise wireless network.

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SPEAKER: Stephen Orr (Cisco)

How did I begin my programmability skills and develop the BR WLAN Sensor, a software suite linux based 100% written in Python running over Raspberry Pi 4 and a Ubuntu Server. After this session I will mark it as Opensource.

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SPEAKER: Yuri Mecca (NTT)

The design of the Wi-Fi Warehouse can be a complicated scenario, having to validate several items to make a good design, survey, deployment and have no problems after the implementation has been completed.

In the presentation we will talk about the pre-validated items, design, survey tips and best practices.

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SPEAKER: Wellington Assis (Fortinet)

Day 1 closing remarks

Speaker: MBC Organization Team

Day 2 - Oct 21st

1PM - 7PM (BRT - Brasilia Time)

In times of IoT, Programmability and everything is possible, the customers are really crazy whats the is a better way to follow. The idea is to expose a couple of wrongs ideas and clarify of the 5G and WIFI-6 need to be work together and not as competitors.

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SPEAKER: Gabriel Ricce

We all know that your phone, your laptop, picks up the ‘best’ data rate, the ‘best’ MCS, the ‘best’ number of spatial streams when deciding to send an 802.11 frame. When things go wrong, the algorithm reverts back to a more conservative scheme, before attempting to accelerate again. But how does all this work? Why does the client decide to go down one spatial stream instead of using a lower modulation scheme? Why do some clients attempt to try ‘faster rates’ sooner than other clients? There are a few algorithms in the industry, which variants are implemented by most large vendors. In this session, you will learn the logic of these schemes, from Minstrel HT to HAL and others, and you will learn which client implement which scheme. Next time your client chooses to rate shift up or down, you will know why.

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SPEAKER: Jerome Henry 

Break to get a coffee, answer urgent emails and get back to our event! Remember that we just get together once per year!

Location technologies are everyday more relevant and the top concern is when to use each of them. In this session, the most popular location technologies will be explained, together with a presentation of the results obtained during a practical test made for comparison.

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SPEAKER: Flavio Correa

Due to the enormous flexibility of the 802.11 (Wi-Fi) standard, it is very common to use radios in inappropriate applications. For example, it is common to observe the use of WLAN APs (based on CSMA / CA) in Wireless Bridge mode to provide long distance OUTDOOR connectivity between SITES, just as it is common to observe the use of specialist PTP / PTMP radios to provide LOCAL access. in hotspots. The emphasis of the lecture is to highlight in which scenarios it would be indicated to use WLAN or PTP / PTMP radios, explaining the differences in the access methods CSMA / CA and TDMA.

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SPEAKER: Samuel Henrique Bucke Brito

I will explain why and how georefered information can contribute to bring value to Wireless Networks Project for a Mining 4.0 enviroment. What is the track to reach in georefering for a Smart City or Mining 4.0? No matter what is the wireless tecnology, LTE, LoRa, Wifi, Zigbee, all of them can receive the benefits of a georefered information. Some pratical cases where Vale is using Heteregeneous Networks Project Tools to create Project with georefered information to Support them.

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Speaker: Claudio Rosa

SPEAKER: Organization Team

Event closing remarks!

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