MBC 2018

Event Agenda

The session will cover what Wi-Fi Calling is, how it works, security, design and configuration guidelines; including Wi-Fi coverage and capacity design.
Learn what are the Wi-Fi technologies available today to build a location aware application, their characteristics and limitations, how to design, implementation tips, data formats and how to handle the data generated. A real case results will be presented together to better illustrate it.
We will discuss how 802.11ax technology is all about better 802.11 traffic management. Higher data rates and wider channels are not the goals of 802.11ax. The goal is better and more efficient 802.11 traffic management.  

The Wi-Fi Alliance has formally launched the WPA3 certification. What is it? Does your network need it? When will what parts of it be available? Bring your black, white, or gray hats; we’re going to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Discussão sobre como foi implementada uma solução de call center sobre infraestrutura Wi-Fi
Wireless is hard, and the issues are compounded when working in warehouse facilities. This talk will focus on the difficulties of warehouse coverage, and things I’ve done previously in warehouses to get the best possible design, coverage, and operation of the network in warehouses.  

Explaining a case that contains fundamentals and clues to reach the Wi-Fi network with excellence and that meets the requirements of primary network (not mention the institution and particular aspects to the environment). Relate to Wi-Fi technology, not product or features.  

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