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The first major updates in Wi-Fi security in 15 years are here! What has changed? Why are the new features important? What do you need to know before deploying in your networks? What is next?

Deep-dive into packet captures and why roaming wasn’t working

We’re entering a new generation of Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi 6 still in draft, Wi-Fi Alliance certifying devices, and vendors releasing access points.. where do we stand? What features are currently being used and when should we upgrade?

Como administradores de rede decidem e quais são as alternativas para seguir um caminho de autenticação baseado em classificação de perfil.

Wi-Fi networks are complex to be managed and today most of the solutions have capabilities that can be used to automate network rollouts, as well as give better visibility to what is happening in real-time. Learn in this session the concepts behind it, examples and how to get started.


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Explaining my WiFi AirTime Calculator and visualize the duration of a TXOP, and explaining OFDMA at frame level in Wireshark

From the security researcher who brought us the KRACK in WPA2 (remember when the world lost its mind?), we have a new list of vulnerabilities for WPA3. Is it a design flaw or an implementation one? Do we need WPA3.1? We’ll go beyond the finger pointing and look at this from a Wi-Fi POV.

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